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The Deference between SAP and ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is termed as business management tool that facilitates the performance of internal business functions. That includes collecting, storing, managing as well as interpreting internal processes like financing, logistics, manufacturing among other. It is a software that creates a platform of information exchange between different functions in a timely manner.

On the other hand, Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) is a multinational program that is used to integrate company’s software. SAP is also said to have its own ERP known as SAP ECC. It is primarily used in streamlining processes within the procurement, manufacturing as well human resource departments.

The major difference between the two programs is that ERP Full Form has the ability to provide multi-platform as well as multi-mode facility in an organization while SAP provides only procurement related management facility. That helps ERP to support complete integration of company systems.

In addition, ERP is known to promote strategic as well as planning activities in a business while SAP only provides assistance in product development. Ultimately, ERP software engages all the functional areas present in an organization which is contrary to SAP that covers only sales and services.

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