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Understanding the Key Differences between Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This article’s purpose is to illustrate differences between Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in brief. The best way to start with the comparison is to imagine BPM as a process, and ERP as a component which can bolster that process.

BPM’s purpose is to make the business run more fluently by tracking down budget and time needed for every assignment. This helps in making any modification to the current business approach. It is possible to monitor employee’s skills and appoint tasks in an adequate manner.

In order to supervise all the important information, ERP comes in handy. ERP is an adaptable way of supervising the data collected through BPM. Data is stored in one place, and that makes an easily accessible overview of manufacturing, distribution, stockpile, financials, employees, and more.

Depending on the target of business, it is imperative to understand the key differences between BMP and ERP and choose a wiser option. BMP automatizes the supervision of the entire business process, while ERP keeps the important data for doing so in the central base. It is important to note that if used correctly, BPM and ERP go well together and complement each other.

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